Swimming with Horses

It is no secret that the only thing I love more than spas (other than my nearest and dearest) is horses. Who doesn’t love these majestic animals? Swimming with horses is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do and a great way to connect with nature.

I will be sharing news about alternative wellness activities you can partake in to connect with nature and keep fit on the first of each month.

Horse Bath at Jebel Ali Resort in Dubai

During a visit to Jebel Ali Resort my other half got me up super early and took me for a surprise activity. He told me we were doing a triathlon!!! I wasn’t too happy about getting up so early on what was supposed to be a romantic break away but I was so glad I pulled myself out of bed when I realised that I was actually going for a “horse bath” experience!

This was the most magical experience I have ever had and I was so surprised just how much the horses enjoyed being in the water and how good swimmers they are.

PicMonkey Photo_1

Apologies for the poor quality of the video but watch out for the end where the horse bites me on the arm for moving my  focus of attention from him the camera man!

Swimming with Horses at The St Regis Mauritius Resort

The most recent time I went swimming with these beautiful animals was in Mauritius at the St. Regis resort. We started off with a ride in the arena so that the instructor could assess my riding capabilities then we headed out towards the beach for a canter along the coast whilst enjoying the beautiful views of Le Morne Mountain.


After we galloped past the resort it was into the sea for a much deserved soak for the horses. They make a funny groaning noise when they swim. The instructor said the water takes the pressure off their joints and the funny noise means they are relaxing.

Have you ever wanted to see what a horse looks like whilst swimming under water?

Top tips:

  • Research and choose the best place.
  • Make sure you take off the saddle before entering the water and tie the reins in a knot so they don’t get caught in the horses legs.
  • Be aware of the horses legs under the water and don’t get too close to them.
  • Always go with a tour guide or a friend if going with your own horse.
  • Beware of the roll – horses love to roll around in the water and in the sand.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone out who loves horses and the sea. Obviously you would need to be able to swim for this activity and although the ride I did in Mauritius was quite advanced they are able to cater for non experienced riders too.

Have you ever been swimming with horses? Leave a comment below.

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