Clean is Beautiful

Have you ever gone into a beauty store for new make up and ended up having it applied by a “beauty consultant” with dirty brushes? Is it your pet peeve when they use the mascara wand straight out of the mascara tube or directly apply lipstick without cleaning it first or using a disposable brush?

You are not alone. This is a huge issue in the beauty industry that needs to be addressed and taken seriously to prevent germ transfer and all the hidden dangers of make up application. It is no surprise to me that there are reports of people catching nasties from products they have tried in store.

I recently attended the launch of a make up and make up tool cleaning brand here in Dubai and can honestly say I was shocked to learn how much bacteria lurks in our favourite powders, mascaras and brushes if we do not clean them properly.

I have always been an ambassador of makeup brush hygiene and regularly deep clean my brushes at home.  However, I was still surprised to learn just how much bacteria lies on the surface of brushes, powders and lipsticks. At the event the make up items were shown under a magic light that shows bacteria – and I was completely grossed out.


A demonstration was performed showing one side of the face using brushes that had not been cleaned and the other side using brushes that were cleaned and the results were astounding.


I normally clean my own personal brushes once a month. So after this I will definitely be cleaning them more regularly. Rebecca Dutton from Blue Skies Trading says you should clean your brushes after each use using an antibacterial spray then wash them properly once per week to minimise germ transfer.

If you are trying make up in store stay safe and make sure that the beauty consultant sterilises the brushes before using on you or insist that he or she uses disposable tools.

I usually clean my personal brushes using baby shampoo and massage them into a little rubber brush like gadget, rinse, reshape and leave them to dry in a position where the air can flow around the tip. My mum recently bought me a really cool brush cleaning machine for Christmas but sadly it wouldn’t fit in my case when I came back to Dubai last month. So, I will need to bring it back next time and give it a whirl.

The Pro Hygiene Collection includes an Antibacterial Makeup Spray for using on make up like pressed powders, lipsticks etc. This was something I had never seen before and was impressed to see how much of the bacteria it killed under the glow of the magic light. They have four other equipment cleaning products in the collection and you can pick them up from Namshi or Feel Unique.

I received the Antibacterial Make up Spray and the Make up Brush and Sponge Sanitising Wash at the event so will give these a try and let you all know how I get on.

Happy brush cleaning Beauties!

Miss Spa






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