Talise Seashell Massage at Talise Spa Madinat Jumeirah

Talise Spa has been a firm favourite of mine since my days working at Talise Spa, Burj Al Arab. I visited Talise Spa at Madinat Jumeirah to try out their Seashell Massage and it did not disappoint. A true A list Spa that has won multiple awards worldwide, with a 360 degree view on wellness.
The guest service at this spa is fantastic and I really enjoyed the decadent facilities and relaxing spa gardens and outdoor private spa pool where I relaxed before my treatment. Every corner you turn you are greeted with soothing flowing water. Talise actually means healing or flowing water in Arabic.

“Indulge amongst our 26 treatment rooms inclusive of three couples suites and choose from a variety of signature experiences, massages and body treatments.”

During the treatment I had the choice of three different signature oils. I chose the Arabian one which had Patchouli and Sandalwood in it. Once on the soft, fluffy bed the therapist massaged the warmed seashells into my muscles.


The seashells felt really smooth and I swiftly nodded off into a dream like state of total relaxation.  Each seashell is handpicked in the Philippines for it’s unique size, shape and structural Integrity. They are Tiger Striped Clam Shells that have a small hole so that the therapist can add some ingredients to make them warm.

A mix of minerals, algae, salt water and essentials oil are placed inside causing a natural chemical reaction that causes heat.

At the end of the treatment I was awoken by the sound of rain but it hardly ever rains in Dubai so I was I interested to know what it was. Then I heard the soft voice of my therapist tell me that my treatment was now complete. When I sat up I asked her what it was and she told my it was the Talise Bamboo Rain and showed me the instrument she used to make the noise which was to signify the end of the treatment.


As  always post treatment I enjoyed my absolute favourite ginger tea and a chocolate covered date in the spa garden.  I spotted some Mandala colouring books and pencils so I took those out with me for some me time in the garden. What a nice touch!

I loved my spa experience at Talise Spa and will definitely be back soon to try more treatments.

Miss Spa Verdict

Guest Service                 5/5

Facilities                         5/5

Treatment                      4.5/5

Cleanliness                     4.5/5

Value for money            4.5/5

Overall Score                 23.5 /25

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